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It’s never been easier to create your own appointment setting campaign. Overpass provides the tools and the talent you need to get your campaign up and running. Create your free account in minutes.

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All the Tools You Need for Appointment Setting

Easily Find Skilled Appointment Setting Agents

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Manage Contacts With Built-In CRM

We take the hassles out of finding qualified appointment setting agents. Receive handpicked, personally vetted candidates each week, and scale your team quickly and efficiently.

View live results of your appointment setting campaigns, with up-to-the-minute reports on agent performance. See which prospects have been called and campaign progress.

Organize contacts with our contact manager. Contact information is instantly available before, during and after a call. Save contacts with set appointments to a list and seamlessly pass them on to sales agents

Everything you need to create your own appointment setting campaign


Custom Scripts

Ensure consistency and professionalism by specifying exactly what agents should say on the phone.

Eliminate duplicate calls with intelligent, automatically assigned calls.

Call Queues

Review contact information at a glance, before the call connects.

Preview Dialer

Schedule appointments right on the system. Scheduled calls can even be assigned to other agents.

Schedule Calls

Easily take notes while on a call, which save automatically.

Take Notes

Every call, edit and note is automatically saved to your contacts, providing complete transparency.

Interaction History

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Your search for appointment setting solutions is over. With Overpass, finding and hiring experienced appointment setting agents is simple, and monitoring campaigns and managing activity is effortless. Sign up for a free account and get started now with your next appointment setting campaign.

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