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Build Your Lead Generation Team In The Cloud!

Overpass gives you total control and transparency for your remote call campaigns

Unlike other solutions, the Overpass model gives you the transparency and accountability you need for your lead generation campaigns. Stop the failure cycle with other platforms and achieve success with Overpass!

Find curated talent in our global marketplace

  • Recruit lead generators hassle free
  • Handpicked, vetted and qualified
  • US and international reps for all budgets

Run your campaign easily

  • Upload leads and manage contacts 
  • Have your reps calling within minutes
  • Monitor and optimize your campaign on the fly

Action based payments

  • Your call reps are paid based on their activity on the system 
  • Receive weekly pay reports with  activity status breakdown
  • We facilitate payment and handle your rep's 1099 forms

For the first time ever, you have an all-in-one platform that will truly set you up for success. Say goodbye to failure and hello to success with Overpass!

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